Hot laminator

FM380B/480B Laminator(steel roller)

  • Product ID:FM380B/480B 360mm/460mm
  • Product Category:Hot laminator
  • Product Brand:OFIS
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Product Description

Steel roller,Advanced roller inner-heat technology and be of high efficiency and very safe.
Digital control, touchable input screen for easy operation.
Speed and temperature can be adjusted freely. 
Available for different laminating materials to meet different requirements. 
Have both hot and cold laminating function; with single-sided laminating and double-sided laminating.
Suitable for various of films , such as BOPP Thermal Lamination Film , PE, film , crystal cold laminating films.



Max.laminating width:360m/460mm
Max.laminating thickness:5mm
Laminating speed:1.6m/minute
Hot laminating temperature:160C
Cold laminating temperature:20-60
Recommrended film:Up to 250mic
Driving motor:DC motor
Net weight:38/41kg
Heating roller diameter:66mm
Pull roller diameter.:45mm,steel roller
Core diameter:1,3
Hot and cold lamination:yes
Single and double side lamination:yes