Paper Creaser

12B/16B A4/A3 paper folder

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Product Description

The upper and lower creasing moulds of ofis-16c are steel, which is very durable. The machine can crease clear lines on not only coated art paper, tough paper but also photocopy paper. The moulds don't need to be changed as often as rubber moulds which don't crease well on thick paper and hard paper. The machine has a small volume and is easy to operate and maintain, making itself as an ideal matching equipment in the binding process. It can crease indents for files, name cards, photos, invitations, etc. The moulds are changeable for creasing indents of different widths.


1,The thickness of the machine can work is 1 to 10 pcs paper.

2,it can be chose whether press big or small size.

3,There is a fixation button which can control the machine move from front to back.

4,The machine is made metal armor plate