Thremal binding machine

55H Glue binder

  • Product ID:55H-A4/A3,AUTOMATIC
  • Product Category:Thremal binding machine
  • Product Brand:OFIS
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Product Description

LCD display

New paper holding table ( Patented technique ) 

Fully-opening surface-setting structure

Glue trough made of all-aluminum, fit for all kinds of hot melt glue

Backfeed in real time of circuit sine curve heating

Vertical clamping-surface mechanism

With Controlable Wheels--Convenient for moving



1. Model Number: 50X-A4/A3

2. Max. binding length: 330/435mm

3. Max. binding thickness: 50mm

4. Binding efficiency: 300 books/hour

5. Glue Type: Hot glue

6. Preheating time: 25 Minutes depending on the enviroment temperature

7. Milling Cutter: Sun milling cutter + small-sized milling cutter

8. Net weight: 135/180 KG

9. Machine dimension: 1350 mm*500 mm*950 mm