Thremal binding machine


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Product Description

1. Table model structure design, cabinet and delicacy, uncommon quality, especially suit to the handle official bussiness work

2. Particular function of platform shaking paper gathering, book back tidy up is no problem(national monopoly)

3. Clamp lock tight automatically, clamp force advancing equality and strongly, assue clamping product high quality

4. Unique double direction high speed gluing surface norch, higher intensity

5. Opening style cover, platform and humanism design, cover placed more fast and standard whole processing computer control, any action that automatic or hand can be optioned by yourself



1. Max. Binding Size: 330mm(A4 Size)

2. Max. Binding Thickness: 38mm

3. Binding Efficiency: 200 books/h

4. Milling Cutter: High speed screw milling cutter

5. Clamping Book: Automatic

6. Claming Cover: Automatic

7. Duration for glue melt: 25 min

8. Milling Cutter: High Speed screw milling cutter

9. Adhesive binding speed: 200 books/h

10. Power: 220V(110V)/50HZ/1KW

11. Machine Dimension (mm): 760*590*260