Multifunctional binder

YB6918 Wire 3:1 2:1 comb coil binder

  • Product ID:YB6918 Wire 3:1 2:1 comb coil binder
  • Product Category:Multifunctional binder
  • Product Brand:OFIS
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Product Description

National Patented product, Comb, wire3:1, wire2:1 and coil  4-in-1
The machine body is made of metal. Very strong
Electrial punch.
Super large waste bin
Punch up to 30 sheets/per time
All selectable pin to punch small paper like A5 and so on.
The binding structure is on the machine body, only to change the die for comb, wire 3:1, wire2:1 and coil.



Max. Punching ability: 30 sheets(80g) PVC 6 sheets  Electrical punch
Max. Binding ability: 500sheets(comb), 120 sheets( wire 3:1), 250 sheets(wire2:1), 220 sheets(coil)
Paper size: A4, letter size, A5, etc
Margin adjustable range: 2.5/4.5/6.5mm
Hole distance: 14.3mm(comb) 8.47mm(3: 1) 12.7mm(2:1), 6.35mm(4:1)
Hole size: 3 8mm rectangle (comb) 4 4mm square(wire3: 1)  45mm rectangel(wire 2:1)  4mm round hole or oval hole(coil)
Number of holes: 21holes(comb) 34 holes(wire3:1) 23 holes(wire 2:1) 46holes(all selectable blades)
Product size: 480 450 280 mm
Package dimension: 580 550 390 mm use wooden box
G. W: 50 KGS
N. W: 45 KGS