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MN80-75 Single head pad printer

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Product Description

MN80-75 pneumatic desktop single color pad printer



This machine is used for the surface pressing of curved face, flat, and irregular object,particular object with elegant, delicate effect and small area, and roughness where other pressing methods can’t work. This machine is widely used for glass, metal, board, plastic, and rubber. For example electronic appliances, dolls, toiletries, production date, industrial products, bottle hoods, pens, electronic components, capacitance, ballast resistor, switches and buttons. 

No. of Colors                                (可印色数)


Ink Cup Size                                  (油盅尺寸)


Plate Size                                       (钢板尺寸)

L 75 * W 100 mm

Worktable Size                          (工作台尺寸)

L 100 * W 160 mm

Workpiece Height                 (最大印刷高度)

100 mm

Workpiece Length                (最大印件长度)

75 mm

Printing Area                        (最大印刷面积)

L 45 * W 70 mm

Printing Speed                       (最快印刷速度)

2500 pcs/hr

Air Consumption                               (耗气量)


Air Pressure                                   (空气压力)

4-6 bar

Vertical Stroke                              (垂直行程)

50 mm

Horizontal Stroke                         (水平行程)

90 mm

Up/Down Worktable (工作台上下调节距离)

80 mm

Power Supply                                        (电源)

220v/110V 50/60HZ 50W

Machine Dimension                     (机械尺寸)

L 484 * W 227.5 * H 420 mm

Package Dimension                     (包装尺寸)

L 520 * W 260 * H 460 mm

Net Weight                                             (净重)

19 kgs

Gross Weight                                (包装重量)