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V350 Laminator

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Product Description

With accurate temperature control, high quality laminating is assured.
Able to be on stand-by, the v350 is always ready to be used.
Designed for either table-top or stand the V350 is economical laminating machine.
Ideal for small office, goverment office, schools, etc.
The precise constant temperature is plus or minus 3 celsius degree.
Rongda laminating machine supports hot/cold film laminating and single & double film laminating. It is different from ordinary single film laminating.


Laminating speed:1.1m/min
Max. laminating width:350m
Max. laminating temperature:180 Celsius degree
Membrane core size:1 inch
Power consumption:700W
Power:110V/60Hz ,220V/50Hz
Product size:530210220mm