Heat transfer machine

New 5in1 multifunction heat transfer machine

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Product Description

1. Electronic digital display control features convenient pressure adjustment and reliable performance
2. Voltage: 220V / 110V 50Hz / 60 Hz
3. Power: 2800W
4. Main Heating plate:  40*50cm
5. Packing Size: 79cm x 70cm x 58cm
6. Highest temperature: 300
7. Time Range: 10-600 sec.
8. Temperature heating time: (1-600sec)
9. Real-time display of temperature state: Automatic alarming


8 inch plate heating mat£º Diameter 11¡«12CM (§¶122/200W, §¶155/260W)
10 inch plate heating mat£ºDiameter 15CM  (§¶122/200W, §¶155/260W)
Mug heating pad: 11oz, heating band dimension: 105X235(unfolded)/350W
Backing hat cushion: Applicable for printing image on the edge of hat  (printing area: 14*8.5 CM)